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 As a Jungian Therapist I have found working with Kay's skills to be a magical experience. She is very skilled in an unusual form of Esoteric Astrology that blends so well with Jungian Therapy. Our work together reminds me of the Work that Carl Jung shared with his Astrologist wife that he talks about in his book "Alchemical Papers". 

 Over 16 years Kay and I have explored a process called 'Soul Recognition' that helps in understanding the journey each client is really on.  My business has really prospered from my work with Kay.  

John Rehak L.P.C., LDCC III




You inspire me.  I have talked about you to so many people sharing about your extraordinary gifts as an astrologer and a past life therapist.  I have been blessed with your presence in my life.  You have been my most treasured healer.  I hope you can do more healing work for as many people as possible for that is your sacred contract.


Barbara Starre


Kay came highly recommended from a relative but I was still  skeptical of the idea of an astrological reading.  Kay put me at ease by providing me a comprehensive natal chart and analysis explanation online prior to our call.  During the call itself, which Kay provides record of, it was as if I was speaking to an old friend.  So much of the information she shared with me that day was so close to my core that it was an unavoidable tear-fest for me.  Understanding why I have felt and thought the way I have for so long has made me and instant fan and life-long client, which Kay says will be a number of years!!!


Mike Principe


Dear Kay,

 I wanted to write to you to tell you how much I have enjoyed your astrology readings over the years.   I have always loved your approach – a mix of the scientific and intuitive knowledge that you are able to pull together to provide a fascinating outline of my earthly journey!

 I have learned so much from you about how our universe operates.  So many of the ways that I learned in my earlier years have been dispelled as my view of our universe, our galaxy and our star system has been realized through a finely tuned course that you have intertwined with the specifics of my readings.  I have kept all of my notes that I have taken during my readings as well as any additional questions and answers that we discuss during the course of the year and when I review….I am amazed at what you saw was coming and how it came!  If I keep my view open to all of the possibilities, I see where I am being guided.  I am grateful that you take the time to provide me with this roadmap of sorts:  identifying my lessons as well as the rewards that the universe is gifting me. 

 I thank you for all of the extra time and effort that you put into not only my readings but the follow-up questions and answers that invariably come up.  I appreciate your willingness to go the distance which keeps me informed, current and aware of what my path holds.

 Thank you for being you….. and for being a wonderful friend as well as a wonderful Astrologer !


 Kathleen L. Carney

 P.O Box 7298

 Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 33338



For the past 17 years Kay has been a personal and professional adviser to the uncharted waters of my life. Her ability to provide insight and guidance reaches beyond dates, times and places.  She is not only enlightening but has a true gift of shedding light on your life's purpose and detailing your individual journey for you.    



I have tried so many astrologers over the years, I am so glad I finally met Kay.  My search for a good astrologer is over.Kay is the one who is caring, compassionate, and extremely accurate.  I don't make a major move without her! 

Rod Taylor


I just wanted to send a quick email to tell you what a wonderful reading you game my son Brian.  I am amazed at the insight you were able to get through his chart and your own intuition.  It's like you have known him his whole life.  Everything you said was so accurate!  I agree that he is a very special person and has a bright future and I appreciate the loving way in which you delivered the reading.  You gave him wonderful advice.
Thank you so are a gifted astrologer.

Denise Corrigan