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Words In My Head
Hayley E. Hall
12 yrs old

Beep, beep, beep,
Goes the alarm and I wake up in a heap,
Already I have thoughts running through my mind
When I sit in the dark I feel like I am blind
I eat, get dressed, and go to school
Still the words in my head make me feel like a fool
The teacher says "Hayley" and I reply yes Ma'am
Oh, and for lunch, HAM!
I rush home
And find I'm alone
I run to my room
And lay on my bed,
To replay the words in my head,
But the ones that matter most?

The Wounded Soldier
by Kendra M. Hall

It's calming; it heals the wounded soldier coming off the battlefield.
It's like nothing else inside our world. 
It can cause so many different things to happen to us that we sometimes lose ourselves.

We all have this deep down inside and when it's the right time;
 It comes shooting out like a rocket, but soft as rain. 
This could be the best thing in life or the most betraying.
But for the sake of the wounded soldier, it's all he would ever want. 


The Moon in The Signs

I am a people watcher by nature.  Perhaps this is why I love Astrology so much.  What is most fun for me to do, is to watch how people interact with each other as the Moon travels through each sign of the Zodiac.  The Moon only spends about 2 1/2 days in each sign.  So throughout any given month the Moon will visit each sign.  It is especially interesting if you work in a large office or any place where you have the opportunity to watch a lot of people.  This is also very useful if you are a salesperson or have clients that your work with on a daily basis.  With practice, you can learn how to anticipate the needs of your clients.  The following is a description what you may notice from people as the Moon travels through each sign.

Moon in Aries:
When the Moon is in Aries, people may tend to be combative and headstrong.  Feeling the need to assert themselves, they'll hold their ground against opposing views, attitudes and advice.  On the other hand, this Moon placement confers creativity, enthusiasm, a love of action, ambition and energetic physical activity.  This is a time for new beginnings and for instigating change...a period when people will be highly original, innovative or seeking to break new ground.  This is definitely a time for action, but some people may be impulsive and rush head first into things without considering the long-term view.

Moon in Taurus:
When the Moon is in Taurus, people become security conscious, even-tempered and reliable.  The Moon is exalted in Taurus, creating a period of greater emotional stability and peacefulness.  People generally just want to spend money during a Moon in Taurus phase.  There is a desire to arrive at bottom-line answers concerning rules of conduct, morality or business procedures.  This is a good time for gardening or appreciation of the arts.

Moon in Geminii:
When the Moon is in Gemini, people may become restless or desirous of change.  There will generally be a "speeding up" mentality or nervousness, leading to talkativeness or a faster pace in physical activity.  There will be a heightened need for communication on all levels.  You will find that people love gossip when the Moon in in Gemini.  People will tend to be more curious than normal over just about any subject matter.  This is a good time for reading, writing, handiwork or walking.  In general, there is a lively, intellectual attitude, but people may lack the tenacity to see a difficult work project through to the end.  They will find too many distractions and their mind is very likely to wander.  A feeling of wanderlust is in the air.

Moon in Cancer:
When the Moon is in Cancer, things in general operate at a higher emotional level.  You will find that people are more emotionally sensitive at this time.  Sympathy, caring and sentimentality are more easily expressed and there may be a need for some type of emotional bonding among family members and loved ones.  Food and food preparation is emphasized, so that people are more apt to put extra effort into baking or trying out a new recipe or in general, just wanting to eat and or feed someone. In other words, there is a need to nurture and be nurtured. You will notice that there is a lot of talk about home, family, security and "the good old days".

Moon in Leo:
When the Moon is in Leo, people are dynamic, fun-loving and enthusiastic.  You may notice a lot of melodrama in whatever they are doing.  A party given at this time is sure to be a loud, boisterous affair with lots of laughter.  There will also be a lot of talk about children, hobbies, creativity and love.  Leo is the sign of romance; so, this is the perfect time for romantic outings done in grand style and in luxurious settings.  Leo also takes rulership of our egos so you may notice a more than normal about of bragging going on at this time.  Just take it with a grain of will be over in a couple of days.

Moon in Virgo:
When the Moon is in Virgo, people are more reserved, health-conscious, detail-oriented and focused on the job at hand.  Matters in the workplace will tend to run smoothly due to a fondness for efficiency and routine.  Conversations will tend to center on business (talking shop), technology, health, science or work-related issues.  The mood in general is intellectual or reserved, people being more shy and retiring.  You will notice that people will be more "politically correct" during this time.  Bawdy, garish, crude or uncouth behavior will generally be frowned upon.  This is a good time for house cleaning, home repairs, matters involving technical expertise, starting a diet, gardening or setting up a new schedule.  You may also notice people being more "nit-picking" than usual as they are seeking perfection.

Moon in Libra:
When the Moon is in Libra, people are more courteous, sociable, reasonable and charming.  The mood in general is focused on creating harmony, so all social interactions...especially those which are face-to-face  will tend to go smoothly.  Personal relationships are especially highlighted, where great strides can be made in mending wounds and strengthening love bonds.  People tend to shop for "fine" items such as jewelry, furniture and clothing at this time.  This is a good time for parties, sales, negotiations, meetings, artistic or cultural events, culinary arts and personal relationships. Love is in the air during a Moon in Libra.

Moon in Scorpio:
When the Moon is in Scorpio, you will notice an intensity in all areas of life.  People tend to be more passionate in the way in which they express themselves.  Because of this, there may be a heightened sensitivity to personal offenses and insults.  There is a need to get to the bottom or to  the heart of any matter.  The Moon in Scorpio demands that all dealings, interactions and negotiations rely on substance rather than on superficiality.  You may notice a lot of secrecy during this time.  No one wants to tell you anything.  People will also be very determined to complete projects.  This is a good time for dealing with core issues such as sexuality and or finances.  You will also notice a lot of talk about life and death matters, insurance issues, tax problems, inheritances and all things psychic.

Moon in Sagittarius:
When the Moon is in Sagittarius, people become more freedom-loving, frank and restless.  There will be increased talk about travel, out-door activities, spiritual philosophies and personal belief systems.  People will generally be frank and honest, but the unvarnished truth may be expressed without regard for others' feelings.  This is a good time for making long distance travel plans, or looking into higher educational pursuits, Also, camping, hiking, political/social activism, religious activities, sporting events or reading will be high on the list.

Moon in Capricorn:
When the Moon is in Capricorn, people are more ambitious, reserved, cautious and shrewd.  Spiritual or intellectual interests will become diminished; it is a time of material ambition and an awareness of work and duty.  People may be less expressive of their emotions, sometimes appearing insensitive or unsympathetic.  Many may be focused on business and career.  A sense of duty will be heightened, inspiring many to take on greater responsibilities with regard to family, career and relationships.  The somber influence of Capricorn leads many to fall into pessimistic or negative moods without their realizing it.

Moon in Aquarius:
When the Moon is in Aquarius, people will be unconventional, gregarious, high-spirited and have an humanitarian air about them.  There is a feeling of cooperation toward achieving common goals.  There can be an attraction toward the strange or unusual, difference for its own sake, or an interest in metaphysical subjects.  Many, through group influence, may experience sudden changes in lifestyle, attitudes or beliefs.  This is a good time for informal gatherings, conventions, media events, scientific inquiry, astrology and metaphysical subjects.

Moon in Pisces:
When the Moon is in Pisces, there is a heightened spiritual influence and sensitivity to intangible forces.  People in general are more emotional, spiritual, intuitive, creative, kind and passive.  This Moon placement engenders strong feelings of compassion, so that there will be a increase in acts of mercy to the sick, elderly or poor.  This is a great time for artists and all creative people.  Inspiration is everywhere.  On another note, you may notice that there is a lot of talk of escapism or over-indulgence in alcohol or drugs.  People can seem confused and lost and you will notice that a lot of secret information comes out in the open.   On a positive note, this is an excellent time for spiritual retreats, creative inspiration, musical concerts, photography, watching a good movie or getting a psychic reading.

Happy People Watching!




 1st House:

This is the house of your ascendant . It is your personality and the face you show the world. It is the window through which you view the outer experiences in life and it also indicates a great deal about your early childhood. It will give clues to your health and vitality in general. 

 2nd House:

 This is the house of material resources and financial securities. It explains how you go about attaining the material needs which allow existence. It also describes obligations and how obligations are met. It influences levels of inner security as well. This is the house of your values vs the values of others.  This is the house where you will find how you view your own self-worth.  There is a lot of healing that can occur in this house if need be. 

 3rd House:

 This is the home of communications and the way in which you interact with the world in general. It is the house of siblings and very close friends and details your immediate environment. All manners of communications fall here including writing. It also rules over short distance travel .

4th house:

This is your home and base of operations. It explains the end of matters and how you operate in terms of bringing things to completion. It explains a great deal about your residences and what is important to you in those matters. It rules your deepest 'inner' home as well. This is the house that shows what you need in terms of emotional security.  This is also the house of one of your parents...I feel it is the mother. 

 5th House:

This is the house of love and love affairs, of creativity and children. It explains your ability to access your inner child and how you create the environment around you to enhance love in all forms. It is the house of heart and artistic endeavors.

 6th House:

This is where your health is indicated as well as the way in which you give your services to other. It is the house of adjustments explaining how well you adjust and handle the changes within your life. Food, your personal style regarding clothing and attire and domestic comforts are found here as well. Pets and their importance is read from this house as the way we nurture and care for the animals in our lives is indeed, a service to the world in general. 

7th House:

This is the home of marriage and committed partnerships. it explains how well you work with others in very close relationships. It explains a lot about who you will envy, mirror, resent and model yourself after. It is opposite your ascendant and first house and modifies who you are on deeper, more personal levels. It is a face you show only to those who are closest to you. 

 8th House:

This is the house of utter truth. It is that which exists in your life at its deepest levels and often that which exists in the shadows of your life. It is passion and intense feelings. It also deals with the effect of other peoples money in your life and will highlight matters dealing with lawsuits, inheritances, insurance and banking.

 9th House:

This is the house of spirituality, distant horizons and the expansion of mind beyond the immediate environment. It tells a lot about your most important personal beliefs and faiths. It explains long distance travel and moves and is also the house of the writer, the author, as it deals with the ability we have to express our higher ideals to a larger world and to get our work published..  

10th house:

 This house holds your midheaven, the highest point in your chart. It is the sign that was directly overhead at the time of your birth and the sign that was influencing the public most strongly. It therefore explains how you deal with and how the public reacts to you. This is house of careers and jobs and how you work towards your life goals is found here. This is also the house of parents...I feel it is the father.  

11th House:

This is the house of friendships and brotherhoods. How you work with others at long range goals is shown in this house and how important friendships are in your life rests here as well. The sign on this house and any planets within will give you a good idea about your index of happiness and what is most important to you in terms of personal dreams. This is also the house of groups and organizations and how you work with these groups. 

12th House:

Think of the 12th house as the vault which holds the secrets and wisdom of all the houses before it. Only the most important things will be kept here and a lot of psychic and past life information is highlighted in the 12th house. Your deepest strengths, inspirations and your most severe weaknesses can all be read here. This is your house of emotions, deepest subconscious and dreams.  

Every house is polarized by its opposite.

1st House: Me
7th House: We
2nd House My possessions
8th House: Their possessions
3rd House:   Local state/early education
9th House: Long distance travel...out of state/higher education
4th House: Home
10th House: Public
5th House: Personal passions.
11th House: Societal & collective passions.
 6th House: Outer health/service to others
12th House: Inner psyche/ sacrifice for others.  


     "Sunrise Over The Atlantic"


As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear-headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as the result of my research about the atoms, this much:  There is no matter as such!  All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together....We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind.  This Mind is the matrix of all matter.

Max Planck

1858 - 1947