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New Moon Update
New Moon Update

New Moon

August 25, 2014
10:13 AM  EDT
02 degrees Virgo 18 minutes

With a New Moon in the sign of Virgo, we will tend to be analytical, meticulous, discriminating and maybe even worry a little bit concerning the area of our chart where the New Moon is residing for the next 28 days or so. 

Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign.  This indicates that we will be capable of working hard and being extremely practical with a great eye for detail this month.  Because Virgo is ruled by Mercury, we will thrive on constant activity and have a lot of nervous energy to burn in the area of our chart where the New Moon is falling. The ruling planet Mercury is opposing Neptune in the sign of Pisces.  You can expect interplay between your head and your heart…between matter and spirit.  Virgo is about service.  Yes, service to others, but also service to ourselves. We need to ask ourselves…are we in service or servitude? There is a fine line between giving to others and allowing others to expect too much of us.

This New Moon in Virgo will make a “trine” aspect to the Solar Eclipse of April 29th.  It is at this time that we may bring to fruition the plans that began in April.  The trine between the ruler of the Solar Eclipse (Venus) and Uranus in Aries is asking us to break free from limiting perceptions of ourselves and our abilities.

Virgo also rules health and healing.  If there is anything you have been putting off concerning your health, now is the time to take care of it.  Start that new exercise plan…start that new eating program…follow doctor’s orders…get your regular check-ups…In other words just Get The Job Done.



Please read your Sun sign below to see what area of your life will be affected by this New Moon.  Also read your Rising Sign.  If you do not know your Rising Sign, drop me an e-mail along with your 
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The New Moon is in your 6h house of work, working conditions, your everyday activities, the service your do for others and the people you hire to be of service to you.  The 6th house also indicates how you take care of your health…your eating habits and the way in which you exercise. With the trine to the Eclipse, you may be offered a new position at work.  Or if you are a stay at home person or a student or self-employed, you could see an increase of your income or in some way there will be a boost in your confidence with leads you to excel in a specific area of your life.

Taurus :

The New Moon is falling in your 5th house of creativity, children, romance, entertainment and how you like to have fun.  This is also the house of gambling, speculation and investing.  If you are single, this is an excellent time for romance and taking a romantic trip. Travel in general will be very fun and productive this month.  Do not turn down invitations during this New Moon cycle.  (August 25th thru Sept 24th) You could meet some very interesting and creative people.  You may find a class or workshop that interests you now. Finding a new hobby will be a great stress reliever for you now.  This is an excellent month to enter into new ventures.

Gemini :

The New Moon is falling in your 4th house your home and family.  This is the house that tells us how we feel concerning our foundation, and our security.  This is also the house of one of our parents…I find that the mother fits very well in the 4th house although that has been a debate for quite some time among astrologers. Mom could present you with a gift this month. This is an excellent time for either selling or buying property or making improvements to your existing home.  Any pending family matter can be brought to a successful conclusion now. This is a great month for have a garage sale or just getting rid of things that you no longer need.  This is the time to set new goals for yourself. 

Cancer :

The New Moon is falling in your 3rd house of communications of all kinds.  This is also the house of brothers and sisters, neighbors and your neighborhood.  Short trips are also indicated in the 3rd house.  This is the best time to seek professional advice concerning any long term goals that you have.  You may be finalizing a business deal or transaction at this time. You could be invited to take a short trip with a close friend.  Don’t turn down the invitation.  If you are married, your spouse could receive some very positive news concerning a legal matter or good news from out of state. All in all, it is a very busy but productive month for you and friends will be of great help.

Leo :

The New Moon is falling in your 2nd house of money earned, possessions and values…how you value yourself.  If you are expecting a raise and or new job opportunity, this is the time for it to happen. An influential person will be very helpful in you attaining your goals.  You could receive financial assistance or a gift from a parent.  This is an excellent time to purchase exercise equipment or equipment to assist you in your work.  Financing to make this happen will not be a problem.  If you need to deal with government agencies this month, the result will be favorable.

Virgo :

The New Moon is falling in your 1st house of you personally.  If you are dealing with health issues, you will find a very creative way to help yourself.  This is an excellent time to travel long distance for fun not for work…although Virgos always manage to combine both.  Allow yourself to just let go and have a wonderful time.  This is a very lucky month for tackling large projects that have the potential for future growth.  This month is also about spirituality…not religion but your own personal brand of spirituality.  This is an excellent time to study something new or perhaps go on a spiritual retreat.  For all of you Virgo writers out there, this New Moon indicates that it is an excellent time to not only write but submit something for publishing.  The stars are on your side this month…Just do it…Just have fun with it.



The New Moon is falling in your 12th house of confidential and investigative matters.  This is the house of the sub-conscious and hidden fears…fears or insecurities that may need to be purged.  You may have a secret consultation concerning joint finances and or wills or insurance policies.  You could hear some surprising news concerning jointly held monies.  Expect your intuitive skills to skyrocket this month.  Pay close attention to all of your “gut” feelings.  You may need to help someone who is ill or confined in some way.  This is not the time to push too hard on personal matters.   This is a much better time to prepare for what you want to accomplish around the home or with family in the future.  Do your research first.  Financial benefits could come to you this month in the most unexpected way.

Scorpio :

The New Moon is falling in your 11th house of friends, groups and organizations.  This is also the house representing your long range goals.  Expect surprising and beneficial news concerning a spouse or business partner.  This can be a very social month for you.  Accept all invitations…you could receive some great unexpected advice regarding financial matters.  With the New Moon trining Pluto in your 3rd house now, this is an excellent time for writing, public speaking, getting together with friends and coming up with exciting new ideas for your future.  Short trips (within the state) can be very rewarding now.

Sagittarius :

The New Moon is falling in your 10th house of career, public standing, reputation and authority figures i.e.; bosses.  A totally unexpected…out of the blue job opportunity could come up this month.  Stay flexible with your expectations and you will be pleasantly surprised.  This is the type of month where you are being sought out for advancement not the other way around.  Expect a bonus and or permanent pay increase.  You have worked hard and now is the time for you to be rewarded for it.  This is an extremely positive and creative month for you.  Have fun with it.



The New Moon is falling in your 9th house of long distance travel, higher education, philosophies and any legal documents and or legal matters.  If you are considering enrolling in college, now is the time to do it.  Financial assistance will be available for you.  You may hear very good news concerning a child or a creative venture this month.  Something you have been wanting will come about now.  This is an excellent time to start a new hobby or revive an old one.   Pay close attention to your dreams and “gut” feelings.  Your higher mind is trying to communicate with you.



The New Moon is falling in your 8th house of joint financial matters, insurances, banks or lending institutions, taxes, surgery and transformation.  If you are planning elective surgery, it will go very well at this time.  You may receive a gift of money with this New Moon.  There will be an improvement of your financial situation through your partner. This is the time to eliminate all unnecessary clutter from you home.  There is a general feeling of wanting to “clean up”…to de-clutter and generally make improvements to your home.  If you have an interest in developing intuitive skills, this is the perfect month to do so.  If you are considering buying a home or selling your home, now is an excellent time to start the process.



The New Moon is falling in your 7th house of marital and business partners.  This is the house pertaining to anyone that you have a one to one relationship with...such as lawyers, doctors, therapists or counselors.  You may receive a nice gift from a friend.  This is an excellent time to sign contracts and make final arrangements for any pending business deal.  There will be a lot of changes with your friends.  Some old friends will be leaving and new friends will be coming in.  Any difficulties that you may have had in the past with someone can be brought to a successful conclusion at this time. Any friendships you make during this time will have lasting positive effects on you.