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New Moon Update
New Moon Update

New Moon Eclipse

November 3, 2013
7:51 AM  EST
11 degrees Scorpio 15 minutes

This New Moon is in the sign of Scorpio.  Scorpio is ruled by Pluto.  Pluto brings change and transformation wherever it falls in your chart.  Scorpio is fixed water.  Fixed means that it "holds on"...Water is emotional which means that Scorpio cares. So your Scorpio houses and planets feel everything...intensely and permanently.  No sign is more perceptive.    When an Eclipse falls in your Scorpio house, it is felt intensely.

Every month we have a New Moon, but only every 6 months do we have an Eclipse.  A Solar Eclipse is when the Moon is exactly between the Sun and the Earth and blocks the light of the Sun from the Earth.

Eclipses are very powerful New Moons.  They are said to bring about endings and new beginnings.  It is also said that Eclipses open up portals to other worlds.  And if we are sensitive to this energy, we have the ability to “travel” to these other worlds.  I find this a fascinating concept.

Solar Eclipses signal the close of a major phase of our life and the opportunity to take what we have learned and move on to the next level. This is a level where new opportunities are opening up for us to explore.

Solar Eclipses occur very close to the same degree every 19 years.  Think back to November 3, 1994.  What important changes were going on in your life at that time?  Remember, Solar Eclipses have a 6 month window…so whatever happened may not have happened exactly on that date.  How was your life changing?  What area of your life were you leaving behind and what opportunities were opening up for you to explore?  This Eclipse now is falling in the same house it did 19 years ago.  So the same area of your life will be waking up to new ideas.  Of course, there are different transits with this Eclipse so you will not experience the exact same thing…but the area of life affected or changed will be the same.

Scorpio Eclipses ask us to look inside and find or realize our fears…then bring them out into the Light. True courage happens when we step into the Light of our fears and move forward in spite of them.  Only then can we become “conscience”.    

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
Carl Jung


Please read your Sun sign below to see what area of your life will be affected by this Eclipse.  Also read your Rising Sign.  If you do not know your Rising Sign, drop me an e-mail along with your 
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I will be happy to calculate your Rising Sign for you!!

Kay Hall

Aries - 8th house - The Eclipse is falling in your 8th house of joint finances, the values of others, banking and lending institutions.  But this is the house where you may be letting go of one part of you and rebuilding another.  Expect change also to occur in the area of your work/career with a sense of creating a new you.

Taurus - 7th house - This is the house of partners.  This could be business partners...our spouse or anyone with whom we are in a committed relationship.  This is also the house of our second child if we have children.  Expect major changes in the dynamics of your relationship with the above mention individuals.  This does not necessarily mean that these relationships are means that these people are experiencing changes in their lives that changes the dynamics of the way in which you relate to them.  

Gemini - 6th house - This is the house of our work area, our service to others and also our health...the way in which we take care of ourselves may be changing.  There may also be a change in our work.  Notice your friends at this time.  They could be going through changes in their lives and may need your assistance.

Cancer - 5th house - This is the house of love...your ability to show love.  It is the house of children, fun, entertainment and pets...that is if you think of your pet as your child.  If you you see your pet as a service animal...they will fall in the 6th.  If you are available and looking, an unexpected love could come into your life now.  It is also very possible that a new career will pop up quite unexpectedly.

Leo - 4th
 house - This is the house of home, family, security and your very foundation from which you base you security.  How strong is it?  This Eclipse will bring all the above things to the forefront to be examined.  It may even bring in a move.  But in some profound way, your home/family is changing these next 6 months. 

Virgo - 3rd house - This is the house of your neighbors and your siblings.  But this is also the house where you go on "auto pilot".  This is the route you take to work everyday...this is you picking up your mail...this is your routine...what you always do.  Well guess what...this is changing.  The way in which you communicate is also changing.  Your thinking process is changing.  Scorpio is asking you...Hey...What am I missing?  What am I not seeing?  Maybe I need to "re-learn" something.  Maybe I need to go back to the basics so I can move forward more easily.  Be willing to let go of the old so you may move forward into success. 

Libra - 2nd house - This is the house of our "stuff".  Our movable possessions (our home falls in the 4th) and our money.  This house also shows how we feel about our self and our "stuff".  This is our value system.  Expect what you truly value to change in some way.  This Eclipse says it's time to take stock of your values.  Do you really "need" all your stuff?  Maybe it's it time to downsize.  But for sure, you will be taking stock of what you value.    

Scorpio - 1st house - This is the house of you...your appearance.  It is not the real you of course...but the person you show to others.  In some way this will be changing these next 6 months.  You may get your hair cut or colored.  You may grow a beard or lose weight.  But in some way you will change a part of you with this Eclipse.  It is likely that your job will be changing in some way also.  With a 1st house Eclipse you always start to analyze yourself in some way.  This is great but do not judge...just analyze.  You will know...because Pluto people always know...what you need to change about yourself.

Sagittarius - 12th house - This is the house of "retreat".  This is where you go to recharge your batteries.  I do not see this as the "negative" house of old astrology.  But you will learn to draw back and regroup.  So the Eclipse is asking you to discover a part of you that may not be working at optimum efficiency and allow yourself the solitude to heal and transform.  A lot of writers will do their best work during a 12th house eclipse.  Discover your personal bliss.

Capricorn - 11th house - Remember when I talked about the 5th house and how it shows your ability to give love?  Well the 11th house shows your ability to receive love.  This Eclipse will help you examine your ability to receive all the good things in life.  How are you doing so far???  What do you need to change?  This Eclipse in the 11th is asking you to accept that you are part of a grand plan in a wondrous Universe.  

Aquarius - 10th house - This is the house of career.  It is also the house that shows us how we feel about authority figures.  We all have them.  It started with our parents...they were our original authority figures.  How we related to them will show us how we relate to all perceived authority figures in our lives now.  This Eclipse is asking us to transform the way in which we relate to these perceived authority figures.  It is also very possible that we will be given the opportunity (by way of a new career) to start over in our relationships with authority figures (bosses).  This is a very "freeing" Eclipse for Aquarians and Aquarius rising people.  Enjoy your new found freedom.  

Pisces - 9th house - This is the house of higher education, travel, philosophy, our belief system and of course our night time dreams.  If I were you, I would pay close attention to my dreams these next 6 months.  Any issues you have been going back and forth with may be answered in your dreams.  Remember, only you can interpret your dreams.  Learn your own personal symbology.  It is very likely that you will be changing a course of study for next year.  New ideas are popping up now and you want to explore all avenues.  Don't be afraid to try new things.